December Bonfire 15th December 2013

A day which started with damp and mist and a forecast of rain by lunchtime did not seem very promising for our annual celebratory bonfire but after a flurry of phone calls we decided to go ahead. The weather did as promised and rained but we still managed to have a good time. The bonfire roared beautifully despite the soggyness and kept us all warm and cheerful and people had bought lovely food to share and the hiss of the rain in the frying pan with the sausages all added to the atmosphere. We were all pretty wet by the time the food was cooked and eaten but it was a pleasure to spend time with the sixteen or so people who could come out today. We all love this bit of chalk grassland and work in different ways through the seasons to try and ensure that it will stay rich in wildlife, both for it’s own sake and for the pleasure it gives to the many people who spend time in it.GroupReady to put out fireEatingGroup aPotatoes and sausagesPutting out fireFire out

1 comment
  1. Mike said:

    Wet and smelly but good fun. Mike.

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