For our monthly workday on December 15th we will be finishing clearing the last of the long grass from the Knepp Close area and cutting back enroaching scrub. This sheltered site is in danger of being invaded by the surrounding woods and the group works every year to keep it clear for the chalk grassland flowers and insects. In recent years much of this work has been done by the ‘Wednesday Group’, two or three enthusiastic people determined to continue to improve the site.
We will also be having a bonfire of scrub from the surrounding woody area and baking potatoes in the fire and sharing food to celebrate the work that has taken place throughout the year on the Bevendean Down Local Nature Reserve. Anyone interested in the area and the work being done is most welcome to join in with the festivities. The working party starts at 10:30am, with food and drinks a bit later when the bonfire has made some good embers for cooking.
Meet in the open grassy area found a short distance to the east of Knepp Close, access is via the footpath at the east end of the Knepp Close cul de sac. Sausages, beans & potatoesLast years December bonfire.


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