Meet at the usual place at 10.30am opposite Bevendean School between 115A and 117 Heath Hill Avenue Brighton.We will be working clearing scrub from the steep south facing slope known as Cardboard Hill. Up until a few years ago there were good numbers of Chalkhill Blues and Adonis butterflies. By 2015 the transect that has been running since 1998 showed we had lost them all. The reason is clear to see with scrub and coarse grasses smothering the food plant, horseshoe vetch. Hopefully the council will get it fenced and grazed with sheep soon, but in the mean time we will try and control the encroaching scrub.

Emma our countryside ranger will be joining us this Sunday and will bring hand tools including their new ‘Tree Poppers’ for pulling scrub out by the roots. I will bring our hand tools including an ‘Extractorgator’ similar to the Tree Popper.

The pictures show how the site has deteriorated since 2003, also the ‘Extracorgator’ in use.

Any queries please ring Geoff Stevens on  07422 543 872comparison-pics-acomparisons-b-1x

Brown ArgusRingletRoundheaded RampionsScabiousH TPyriamid orchidsThe Bevendean Blues Walk on Saturday was attended by 19 people with ages ranging from a few months old to over 85 years After all the varied weather forecasts the day was sunny and warm. The species seen were Speckled Woods,
Ringlets, Meadow Browns, Marbled Whites, Gatekeepers, smal coppers, Brown Argus, Chalkhill Blues, Large Skippers, Small Skippers,Small and Large Whites, Dark Green Fritillary, Red Admirals and Small Tortoiseshell.
Bevendean down was one of the late Colin Simmonds favourite sites. When the dew pond was restored we named it Simmonds Pond. Colin was a founder member of Sussex Butterfly Conservation and a former chairman.
GatekeeperHogtrough Marbled White Chalkhill Blue
Simmonds Pond

Meet at 10.30 am  between 115A and 117 Heath Hill Avenue opposite Bevendean School. We will be clearing hawthorn and sycamore regrowth from the hillside. Loppers and saws will be supplied but if you have your own favourite tools and gloves please bring them. Some of us may be using brush cutters but we will keep well away from people using hand tools, there is plenty space! We may have a B&H Ranger with us but we if not we do have our own insurance cover.. Bottom PathThis is the steep south facing bank we will be working on clearing the regrowth in the more open areas.

The walk on Saturday is with The Sussex Butterfly Society and the Sunday walk is with Friends of Bevendean Down.

Both Walks start at 10.30am. Meet at the corner of Heath Hill Avenue and Norwich Drive Opposite Bevendean School.

It is a shortish walk of less than 2 miles on sloping and some times rough paths so strong footwear is recommended .

We should be finished in a couple of hours but stay for as long as you like.



Meet between 115A and 117 Heath Hill Avenue opposite Bevendean School at 10.30am or see us on site. We will be path clearing again on the bottom path that goes past the Community Garden. Tools will be provided. Come for as short or long time as you like. Please note the London to Brighton cycle run disrupts the traffic in the Lewes Rd and busses to and from Bevendean.Bottom Path to clear

Meet  Between 115 and 115B Heath Hill Avenue  at opposite Bevendean School at 10.30 am or on site. We will be clearing the path that runs from the Community Garden along the bottom of Cardboard Hill and on to the bottom of the steps, if we get that far! Tools will be provided.Bottom Path to clear