Meet  Between 115 and 115B Heath Hill Avenue  at opposite Bevendean School at 10.30 am or on site. We will be clearing the path that runs from the Community Garden along the bottom of Cardboard Hill and on to the bottom of the steps, if we get that far! Tools will be provided.Bottom Path to clear

This week we will be clearing the little bank marked on the map with a red cross. We have kept this small area off flower rich chalk grass land clear of scrub for over 20 years.

Without this work it would be completely lost to scrub like the surrounding hillside.

Meet between 115A and 117 Heath Hill Avenue opposite Bevendean School at 10.30 am or on the site. Tools will be supplied.Little Bank

Meet opposite Bevendean School between 115A and 117 Heath Hill Avenue   at 10.30am we should finish by 1pm but leave when you like of course.Happy Poo PickersMuck Rakingse.

The third sunday in January means that it must be sheep poo collecting day on Bevendean Down. This is one of our annual rituals to help manage the chalk grass land in Hogtrough Bottom. The 100 or so sheep which were on the Reserve before Christmas have eaten off a lot of the taller vegetation leaving a short sward so plenty of light can get to the new growth of many of the chalk loving plant species such as horseshoe vetch and pink centuary. After all that eating they did quite a lot of pooing but they helpfully do this mainly in one area. Last year a group of us raked up and collected as much of this as possible and then Garry-the-ranger drove it down the valley in the council truck where we unloaded it onto the compost heaps of the Bevendean Community Garden. Hopefully this all adds to our aim of removing soil nutrients from the chalk grass land areas and adding to the soil nutrients in the community garden vegetable beds. A most enjoyable morning out on the downs, good company, fresh air and exercise and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Meet at the green at the end of Knepp Close any time between 10.30am and noon. We will be doing a little scrub clearing

and tidying up but mainly building the bonfire and cooking potatoes and sausages etc, these should be ready about mid day.

Tea and coffee and home made cakes for afters!Sausages, beans & potatoes


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