Workday 20th November 2016

Meet at the usual place at 10.30am opposite Bevendean School between 115A and 117 Heath Hill Avenue Brighton.We will be working clearing scrub from the steep south facing slope known as Cardboard Hill. Up until a few years ago there were good numbers of Chalkhill Blues and Adonis butterflies. By 2015 the transect that has been running since 1998 showed we had lost them all. The reason is clear to see with scrub and coarse grasses smothering the food plant, horseshoe vetch. Hopefully the council will get it fenced and grazed with sheep soon, but in the mean time we will try and control the encroaching scrub.

Emma our countryside ranger will be joining us this Sunday and will bring hand tools including their new ‘Tree Poppers’ for pulling scrub out by the roots. I will bring our hand tools including an ‘Extractorgator’ similar to the Tree Popper.

The pictures show how the site has deteriorated since 2003, also the ‘Extracorgator’ in use.

Any queries please ring Geoff Stevens on  07422 543 872comparison-pics-acomparisons-b-1x


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