Report and pictures of Butterfly Walk 16th July

Brown ArgusRingletRoundheaded RampionsScabiousH TPyriamid orchidsThe Bevendean Blues Walk on Saturday was attended by 19 people with ages ranging from a few months old to over 85 years After all the varied weather forecasts the day was sunny and warm. The species seen were Speckled Woods,
Ringlets, Meadow Browns, Marbled Whites, Gatekeepers, smal coppers, Brown Argus, Chalkhill Blues, Large Skippers, Small Skippers,Small and Large Whites, Dark Green Fritillary, Red Admirals and Small Tortoiseshell.
Bevendean down was one of the late Colin Simmonds favourite sites. When the dew pond was restored we named it Simmonds Pond. Colin was a founder member of Sussex Butterfly Conservation and a former chairman.
GatekeeperHogtrough Marbled White Chalkhill Blue
Simmonds Pond


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