Last work day results


We had a lovely morning on 16th March in the sunshine on our sunday workday scraping up sheep poo to keep the nutrient levels low for the chalk grassland flowers. Over the last month there have been 150 sheep grazing the slopes and they have done a great job of eating the grass and nibbling around the ant hills. The area called Hogtrough is looking very good because of all their grass eating. The ant hills often have creeping thyme growing on them so when they are in flower later in the year they look like purple cushions and bees like the thyme flowers. On our workday we saw several small tortoiseshell and peacock butterflies and also found some tiny orange and black beetles under the sheep poo which we think are the dung beetle Aphodius fimetarius. Skylarks were singing, there were tiny early violets just showing in the grass and it was great to be out there. At the end of the morning we had a good collection of bags of sheep poo to take down the hill to the Bevendean Community Garden because they want to increase the nutrient levels in the garden for their vegetable growing.



Sheep pooBrig Sheep poo


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