Friends of Bevendean Down met today to do their favourite annual bit for keeping down the fertility of the chalk grassland they help manage on Brighton’s northerly urban fringe, scraping up some of the sheep poo left after the residency of the Brighton Grazing Project flock. We were joined by people from the Bevendean Community Garden so fifteen of us had a sociable time ( and some very nice carrot cake ) in the sunshine and collected 24 bags of sheep poo which will be added to the Community Garden compost bins, leading to better crops for them next year. The younger members of the groups did the important job of counting the bags as they were loaded into the truck to be taken down the hill to the garden. As we left the site we had the satisfaction of a fly by from a red admiral, not a specialist chalk grassland species but it was a nice end to the workday. 

Volunteers on Wednesdays are still raking off the grass cut in September in order to improve the habitat, mostly on the site between The Avenue and Bevendean Cresent.

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  1. Mike said:

    Good to see so many local people enjoying a very special day, and what wonderful weather for it too.

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