Moth Event Friday 22nd June

Despite rather a blustery evening six of us turned up to meet Ranger Dave Larkin for an evening of moth trapping. While we waited for it to get properly dark we listened for bats using bat detectors. It was very exciting to hear their echo locations turned into a frequency we could hear. They swooped fast along the tree line where it borders the grassy areas. From their sizes Dave thought that they were probably pipistrelles and serotines.
By ten o’clock the moths were starting to gather at the big light trap which had been set up to attract them. They clustered in the egg boxes at the bottom of the trap which meant that we could pick up the egg boxes and examine them closely. There were several species, the most exotic looking being the pink and green small elephant hawk moth. The moths also landed on us quite a lot! Using x10 magnification hand lenses we were able to really appreciate the detail of the moths, especially their furryness. It was a lovely way to spend a friday evening out on a dark and windy hill side.


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